The Michael “Dayton” Fahning Scholarship Fund

A new scholarship that we created for Iowa Xi collegiate brothers. Unlike the merit-based and needs-based scholarship opportunities that currently exist, this one will be based on our Fraternity’s mission: servant leadership.

Named in honor of Michael (Mike) Fahning ’86, the Michael “Dayton” Fahning Scholarship will be awarded annually to an Iowa Xi collegiate brother who:

  • Exemplifies service to society, Fraternity and God.
  • Inspires and helps other brothers develop themselves as servant leaders.
  • Demonstrates a healthy life-balance of self-development, maintaining relationships, work, professional and personal interests, and servant leadership.

Even before he was initiated into Phi Kappa Theta in college, Mike was dedicated to servant leadership. An Eagle Scout, he found that the five areas of personal development for the Fraternity – Leadership, Fraternal, Intellectual, Societal, and Spiritual – meshed closely with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

At age 38 Mike was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. While this altered his life, it did not alter his passion for living life and inspiring his friends and family.

 In the two decades since his diagnosis, Mike’s commitment to servant leadership did not wain; in fact, it grew stronger!  He has been an advocate, fundraiser, spokesman, and active supporter of several organizations involved with Parkinson’s.

 To help make this new servant leadership scholarship a reality, I invite you to donate to the Michael “Dayton” Fahning Scholarship Fund.

 Our goal is to raise $45,000 by December 31, 2023. That amount will allow us to award a scholarship of $1,500-2,000 each year. As the fund grows, so will the value and number of scholarships.

 Thanks to the leadership of Rick Ball ’86 and the amazing generosity of alumni, friends, and family of Iowa Xi, we have already raised more than $30,000! 

 Your donation or pledge will recognize our collegiate brothers who represent the essence of what it means to be a brother in Phi Kappa Theta – servant leadership.

While Parkinson’s may have slowed Mike a bit and affected his physical abilities, it will never change his heart. Mike continues to live his life, balancing his time between being a father, a Fraternity brother, a servant leader, a Christian, a man of integrity, and a friend to all.

We honor Mike through this new scholarship. Those lucky enough to call Dayton a friend and Fraternity brother also consider themselves lucky enough to create this legacy.

Just as I know that Mike has inspired servant leaders throughout his life, I am confident this scholarship will make a difference for future servant leaders at Iowa Xi.

 In closing, thank you for all that you do for Iowa Xi and Phi Kappa Theta. Thank you for helping to develop servant leaders. And thank you for considering this opportunity to make a gift to the Michael “Dayton” Fahning Scholarship Fund.

 Be like Mike.

 In the bonds,
Joe Rude ’81
Phi Kappa Theta Iowa Xi Foundation

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